Anal Glands

Healthy anal glands not only keep your dog happy and comfortable but because of the odour they emit, other dogs get to know a little bit about them too: it’s how they say hello.


Unfortunately through poor diet or inherited malformations, the glands can become blocked and impacted making for difficult bowel movements, infections or even abscesses.


Signs usually include biting at the area or scratching their behind along the floor.


Manually emptying the glands is messy (and expensive if you go to the vets) but here at Top Dog Groomers Chester, we offer this service, (if required) included in a Full Groom.



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Hi Sharon.

Missie AKA Popet, came to you for her first groom on Thursday, (she is 9 months old now). I would just like to say you made me feel at ease the minute I spoke to you.


I new my Missie was in safe hands. You really did an amazing job considering how matty my baby was !!.


Your skills with the scissors was like magic, she is matt free :-) we will be seeing you again for a refresh in a couple of weeks.

Thank you Sharon for making Missie feel safe x  Read more...

Sharon would like to say...

What's new?

New!!! Transformation of the week!


Check out Sharon's old photos of her and her family back in the day.


Also, look out for her Pooch Art... no really!

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