Quality, not quantity
Quality, not quantity


Ever tried to walk in shoes with your toe nails too long?


Ever cut your nails too short?


Both can be uncomfortable, even painful. Well it’s the same for your dogs, especially for those dogs who don’t have the strongest of nails or feet.

Usually, all that needs doing is having the ends clipped off the nails every grooming visit at Top Dog Groomers Chester.

If more needs taking off and the ‘quick’ is visible, then this is an easy task. However, if the ‘quick’ isn’t visible, then I will still only take the tips off: cutting the quick is very painful and I therefore strongly recommend you don’t do this task yourself purely in case of cutting the ‘quick’.


Regularly cutting in this correct way retracts the ‘quick’ in the end allowing for shorter and more comfortable nails for your dog. It also prevents long and unmanageable ‘quicks’.


This is of course included on a Full Groom but if your dogs’ nails need attention in between grooms, then give me a call, Sharon x.

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Hi Sharon.

Missie AKA Popet, came to you for her first groom on Thursday, (she is 9 months old now). I would just like to say you made me feel at ease the minute I spoke to you.


I new my Missie was in safe hands. You really did an amazing job considering how matty my baby was !!.


Your skills with the scissors was like magic, she is matt free :-) we will be seeing you again for a refresh in a couple of weeks.

Thank you Sharon for making Missie feel safe x  Read more...

Sharon would like to say...

Roly, who I nicknamed Roly Poly passed away recently.  He will always be a puppy in my eyes, and even when he lost his sight and hearing I made sure at each visit everything was moved in the salon to how he remembered it.

When I dried his coat he always hooked his paw around the trunk of the dryer to pull it down! Even when he lost his sight!

Being on the journey watching my dogs grow old breaks my heart, but I also feel honoured to have been a part of their lives and their owners.

My job is to make them feel and look better after each visit, and I know I do that.

I care about each and every one of my dogs like my own.

I'll always remember you Roly and I send all my love to all the Challinor family.

Just had the sad news today that Cherry has passed away.

You had a wonderful life with your mum and dad after they rescued you from the awful life you had before.

I will miss you and I send my love to Ali & Tom.

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This week is an awareness on poisonous foods.


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